How Can You Know Who You Can Really Trust To Handle Your Online Marketing?

As attractive as our superior services are and our uncompromising commitment to safe and effective strategies are… let’s be real. That just doesn’t cut it these days. I can assure all day long that your partnership with us will be worthwhile and will yield superior results, but so do other agencies that don’t back it up. And as we’ve learned, you can easily become woo’ed by grandiose promises only to experience lackluster results.

We boost our clients to get more sales

Why Work With Us

We have a specific set of processes and procedures we deploy the moment you’re accepted as a client. A strategic formula that we use to spot your business weaknesses and laser in to fix them…making all of your “I know I should be doing more online” thoughts disappear.


Winner Seo Master

Hold Official Google Certifications (passed Google-administered exams testing digital marketing knowledge)

Top Social Media Agencies

Host of “Marketing That Works” Video Series teaching strategies that you can implement yourself

Fastest Growing Abstract Solution Providers

Members of “Think With Google”, an inside source for insights, patterns, and research in digital marketing.

Award National

Month-to-Month Contracts Only (only stick around if we’re getting you results)

Meet The Owner

Wendy is a digital marketing strategist, speaker, and marketing consultant, specializing in search engine, social media, and multi-channel marketing for small businesses. She’s earned official Google Certifications and has been quoted as an industry expert in various news publications. Known for her energy, she hosts community workshops and “Marketing That Works” video trainings as a way to give back to local business owners by sharing some of the strategies she’s learned.

Wendy has modeled professionally for 15 years, and over the years has worked for many top Fortune 500 companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Belk, Sears, Lee Jeans, Hanes, Wrangler, Champion Apparel, Nordstrom, Lowes, Marriott, Laz-y-Boy, Home Depot, etc. She’s also been featured in several full-page ad campaigns in People Magazine, Southern Living, and the cover model of local magazines, and says it’s given her an “inside look” into how large companies run successful ad campaigns and has taught her how to deploy some of those same successful marketing strategies for her local business clients.

Wendy is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners, the Forbes School of Business and Technology – Center for Women’s Leadership, is a former mentor with the SCORE organization “Counselors to America’s Small Business” and “Big Brother Big Sister” organization, is an eGroups coordinator at her church, and was Mrs. North Carolina 2017 and First Runner-Up at Mrs. America in Las Vegas where she championed as an advocate for the elderly.

She lives in Lake Norman, NC with her husband of 16 years and her blonde mini-dachshunds Rocky and Riley. In her spare time Wendy enjoys cooking, paddleboarding, pilates, and visiting farmer’s markets.

Marketing and driving business is my passion and what I love to do. I literally consider taking new marketing courses as fun weekend plans. I believe you can never stop learning and developing your skills, especially in an industry that’s so cutting edge and ever-changing.”

What Makes Me Who I Am

  • My dad was a mailman for 35 years, my mom a school bus driver, and we lived on a 47-acre farm in what was recently ranked as the poorest city in VA.

  • I learned the art of entrepreneurship early, earning $5/hr loading hay bales, painting fences, stacking firewood, and clearing bounders from the fields. 

  • Growing up I carried a briefcase instead of babydolls. 

  • At 7, I sold bookmarks to my neighborhood for 3 cents each.

  • At 9, I produced a family newsletter on my beloved typewriter, complete with an events section inviting “readers” to a weekly bible study I hosted.

  • In high school I won the Hustle Award 3 years in a row on my basketball team.

  • My wardrobe was made up of flea market finds and goodwill bargains, and I was ironically voted “Best Dressed” my senior year.

  • My parents couldn’t afford to send me off to college, so I worked to earn a scholarship to our local community college and decided what I lacked in education I would make up for in ambition

  • I got married at age 21, becoming a stepmom to a 9 & 11 year old. 

  • A year later we lost everything we owned in the ’08 economic crash.

  • My husband snuck and sent my photos into a modeling agency, which changed my life forever.

  • I’ve been blessed to spend the last 13 years modeling for many Fortune 500 companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Belk, Sears, Lee Jeans, Hanes, Wrangler, Champion, Nordstrom, Lowes, Marriott, Laz-y-Boy, Home Depot, etc… most recently featured in 2 full-page ad campaigns in People Magazine, Southern Living, and the cover model of local magazines.

  • On a whim I decided to compete in Mrs. North Carolina, and much to my surprise won, and went on to be the First Runner-Up at Mrs. America 2018 in Vegas. My platform was caring for the elderly, something I’m still very much an advocate of 

  • The beauty and fashion world is exciting, but my heart still beats for all things business, marketing, and personal development…just like when I was a little girl.

  • In 2020, we packed everything we owned into a pod and moved to the Florida beaches. Although it was paradise, we realized that spending time with family is the most important thing to us, and moved back home to Charlotte NC.

  • I have run my own digital marketing agency for the last 8 years, serving local businesses, with the world’s best co-workers, Rocky & Riley, my 2 blonde mini-dachshunds.