First, I Want To Commend You…

Before I go any further, I want to commend you.

You most likely process qualities that are extremely impressive. At least to us here at the agency (we always recognize someone with a similar tenacious, succeed-at-all-cost mentality).

How do I know this? Simple. You’re a business owner. That speaks volumes.

That in itself takes guts. It means you’ve always had a hard time accepting status quo. It means you’re not afraid to go after something, while others shy away and slink back into their cubicle to serve their 9-5 shift. But not you. You have a unique ability to look beyond what “is” and see “what could be”. You envisioned your business as a solution to your customer’s needs…and by golly you’ve worked your behind off to make it what it is today.

I admire you mega for that. In fact, it’s people like you that I have the most in common with. Someone Tripp and I could enjoy an evening at dinner with. They say birds of a feather flock together and boy is it true. That’s why I do what I do. Because I get to help companies who have the “heart of the business” in the right place, but maybe are struggling with the “lifeblood of the business” (cashflow, customers, and sales). 

I also get the added luxury of being selective with who I bring on as a client and work with only those that I like and respect. This is a liberating privilege and I request that you only hire us if you feel likewise.

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Been Burned? It’s Not Your Fault…

The large corporate ad agencies bank on this…the loophole you need to know about:

Have you been burned by a so-called SEO agency?

Or maybe you’ve never tried it and are price shopping, hopping from site to site, comparing SEO “packages” based solely on cost vs value provided, then I hate to be blunt but you may as well move along because we’re simply not a good fit for one another (you’ll understand why on down the page). 

I’ll let you in on a secret. One of our team members was recently approached by one of those bigwig agencies to come work for them. They casually revealed that their business model is to basically have clients required to sign a 6 month contract, with the agency’s performance loosely defined and sprinkled with fine print loopholes.

Then they do barely enough to try to justify their work and have enough “new blood” in the pipeline to replace those at their 6 month mark (that they’re fully expecting to cancel due to lackluster results). Sad, huh?

Just think. Would you rather be partnered with an employee making mediocre income, pulling a 9-5 shift, with zero personal interest in making your web presence shine, who has a manager more focused on quantity than quality?


A fellow business-owner with skin in the game and real-world experience, that knows what it takes to succeed at all cost. Who’s invested thousands upon thousands of their own dollars in tools and education to hone their skills and master their craft. And through blood, sweat, and tears…with their reputation on the line…have developed a framework of advanced methods and operations that would literally baffle those franchise company’s guys.

The choice is yours. What’s your business worth to you?

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Why You Want To Be A Part Of This Small Group Of Elite Business Owners Known As Our Clients…

We’re a nationwide digital agency with a boutique, local feel based here in Lake Norman, NC. The business owners who decide to make themselves a part of our portfolio of clients think differently. They’re not afraid of change and accept and welcome the fact that the way business is being conducted has drastically evolved, and they’re committed to staying ahead of the curve.

Our clients span nationwide and possess qualities that most stand back and admire. Others envy.

  • Often misjudged as “aloof” and “out of touch with reality” by the masses, they’re not in the slightest concerned with ignorant comments by the narrow-minded.

  • They know what it’s taken to get them to where they’re at and they’re not for one second going to apologize for their accumulated wealth.

  • No doubt about it, they’ve worked relentlessly to get where they are today.

  • Savvy—smart—sharp…they’ve played their cards right to achieve optimum financial success and they detest losing business to their competitors.

  • They’re known pillars in the community, and always referenced with respect, power and influence. Their family name often carries a sense of pride throughout generation to generation.

  • Their main goal is to live a life of significance. To make an impact, strengthen their choice foundations, and be a good steward of the time bestowed upon them. To literally “leave a legacy” with their business, instead of mere cheap talk.

  • They opt to sustain and grow their business, not the traditional way determined by the limited potential of exhausted, run-of-the-mill advertising methods, but with innovative, profound – yet rock solid – digital marketing strategies that elevate their brand and stake their claim as being the best in their industry.

  • They have the astute forethought to make sure their business is prominently positioned exactly where their customers are avidly searching for their services, instead of trying to chase them down like a desperate teenage boy awkwardly attempting to impress the head cheerleader.

  • They get plenty of sleep at night knowing their web properties are being expertly and securely managed by a skilled professional officially certified by Google themselves.

  • They feel more fulfilled and productive finally getting to work ON their business, instead of IN their business, making their peers at the country club green with envy.

  • Most importantly they receive guidance from THE industry leader so they know the choices being made are 100% legal and are designed for safety, privacy and the prudent preservation of their wealth.

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“Who Are These People And How Can I Become One of Them?”

What You Can Expect As A Client:

Trust me…you’re not “just another client”, and you’ll never be made to feel that way.

  • Upon receiving your application (click here to apply), we will determine your suitability as our client, based on several pertinent factors.

  • If your application is accepted for a video analysis, you’ll receive notification within 48 hours in the form of an email as well as a Fed-Ex’d introduction package containing details of how we operate and instructions on moving forward.

  • Next we’ll take the necessary time to get a full understanding of, in an ideal world, where you see your business in 6-12 months (you must fill this out on your application).

  • We’ll roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty analyzing what you’ve already got in place and how it’s working for you (yes, we can see all about your business performance without you even telling us. No, we’re not mind readers… we just have really expensive tools that make us look like we are).

  • We then give you a rundown of everything we find in a quick and convenient 10 minute video screencast. Based on feedback, clients find this “over-the-shoulder” explanation video pointing to exactly what we mean, much easier to comprehend than a boring proposal that runs on, page after page with industry lingo you can’t even understand. The most popular part of all is the loss-revenue section where we show you in black and white, how much business (money and profit) you’re losing to your competitor by them outranking you, and what we’re going to do to flip the script and overtake them.

  • This is the point where we lay out a custom plan we’ve meticulously devised to take your business to the next level, and what will be the required investment for our time, energy, and resources for what we call “The Weight of The Move”. In other words, how much heavy-lifting it’s going to take to move your site up the ranks in the search engines. The weight of the move always varies because it is determined by the strength and seo-savviness of your competitors.

  • If you like what you see, see the value of what we provide, are confident with the potential return on your investment, and most importantly trust us to do what we say we’ll do, then we’ll draw up an agreement both of us are comfortable with. That way we know exactly what to expect from one another. *Note: We only do month-to-month contracts. Unlike the other companies, we believe our results will speak for themselves. If you’re paying for results and the company doesn’t deliver, why should they force you to stick around?

  • Once you’re secured as a client, we’ll then lock arms with you and treat your business as if it’s our own. We’ll make your mission and vision OUR mission and vision, and immediately get to work on increasing your website traffic, brand visibility, and exposure.

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